1. Administration

    Learn about the administration of Bedford - or its form of government.

  2. Bedford Recreation / Parks

    There are several parks located within the Town of Bedford. See additional information regarding each location.

  3. Cemeteries

    Active and historical cemeteries are maintained by the Town of Bedford.

  4. Code Compliance

    The Department of Planning and Community Development includes code compliance, planning, economic development, and zoning.

  5. Economic Development

    Review our handy guide for starting businesses and other related resources.

  6. Electric Department

    The Electric Department operates and maintains 11 substations and a hydro plant. Find electric rates, services standards, utility companies, and contact information.

  7. Emergency Management

    The Town of Bedford's office of Emergency Management is responsible for local disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

  8. Engineering

    The Engineering Division's responsibilities include designing, implementing and inspecting public works projects such as roads, storm drainage systems, waterlines, sewer lines, and sidewalks.

  9. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for preparing the annual budget for submission to the Town Manager, as well as overseeing the annual audit of Town finances.

  10. Fire Department

    The Fire Department is comprised of 46 volunteer firefighters, one part-time apparatus mechanic, and a part-time Fire Chief. The Fire Department’s core services include fire suppression, technical rescue, emergency medical services, and risk reduction through public education.

  11. Human Resources

    Please take a look at employment options.

  12. Landfill / Recycling

    The Landfill Division is responsible for disposal of all solid waste for the town.

  13. Planning & Community Development

    The Department of Planning and Community Development includes planning, economic development, the zoning department, and code compliance.

  14. Police

    The Police Department is comprised of 24 sworn police officers and 3 civilian staff members. All members of the police department work hard to ensure all of the emergency and non-emergency police related needs are responded to and handled quickly and efficiently.

  15. Public Works

    The Public Works division is organized into Automotive Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Refuse Collection and Street Maintenance.

  16. Tourism

    Find new resident and tourist resources such as information on our welcome center, businesses, and more.

  17. Utilities

    If you are moving into a new location in town and wish to have utilities connected in your name, we have helpful information for you.