1. Code Information

    The Department of Planning and Community Development includes code compliance, planning, economic development, and zoning.

  2. History & Demographics

    View history, geographic information, links, form of government, and more.

  3. Information about my property

  4. Lodging

    From a lodge on the Blue Ridge Parkway to a houseboat on Smith Mountain Lake, lodging choices are endless.

  5. My Ancestors

    Active and historical cemeteries are maintained by the Town of Bedford.

  6. Police FAQ

    Find answers to commonly asked questions.

  7. Public Safety Tips

    Public Safety is important to us. Find information about various aspects of public safety through the police, fire, and life saving crew departments.

  8. Real Estate Available in the Town

    This link is to provide information regarding real estate that is available for lease, rental, or purchase within the Town of Bedford. Please note that the information provided is from a real estate agent & not from the Town of Bedford. The Town of Bedford is not responsible for incorrect listing information.

  9. Useful Links

    Utilize this page to find informational and useful Bedford links (links about the town, tourist sites, and more).