Economic Development

Economic Development is a top priority for Town Council as evidenced by the designation of 10% of all meals tax receipts collected going to fund economic development initiatives only. Town Council, in collaboration with the Town of Bedford Economic Development Authority has established a renewed effort to attract new economic development opportunities through various block grants and performance-based incentive programs. As part of the Economic Development expansion, Town Council continues to have a major focus on community planning and the level of service required for accommodating growth and providing resources for a sustainable future.

The Economic Development Authority of the Town of Bedford promotes the attraction and retention of businesses located within the Town limits. The Town is comprised of nine square miles providing a unique composite of advantages that make Bedford ideally suited for industries seeking large city amenities in a small town environment.

Business Advantages

The Town of Bedford Economic Development Authority has identified the following key advantages to starting or expanding a business with the Town.

  • Power - Renewable, reliable and affordable
  • Water - Industry compatible, redundant supply and palatable
  • Internet - 400 Gigabyte "backbone" access
  • Sites - New and existing building options
  • Location - Mid-Atlantic advantage
  • Incentives - Local and State available
  • Work Force - Daily commute to 500,000
  • Low Costs - Utilities and taxes
  • Quality of Life - Schools, recreation, and low crime

Handy Guide to Starting New Businesses

Area, Location, Quality of Life Profiles