Annual Budget

The Annual Operating and Capital Budget process produces one of the top policy documents governing the Town’s work plan for the year. The Mayor and Town Council’s approach displays a thoughtful consideration of which items are most critical in achieving the Town’s goals. They undertake the methodology of considering opportunities for redirecting existing resources to mandates and critical, higher priority needs.

The budget development process incorporates principles of zero based budgeting by not automatically assuming that current year expenditure levels are justified but rather will systematically review, re-prioritize and shift funding support from activities that no longer align properly with the Town’s objective to support core service functions. 

The fiscal year budget is a document that is a result of a very structured and formal development process. Town Council conducts a series of budget work sessions to further refine recommendations submitted by the Town Manager and staff. A public hearing on the budget is conducted to provide all interested parties an opportunity to publicly voice their opinions of its contents. Section 58.1-3005 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended, requires that Town Council shall, on a regular basis, make an appropriation of funds for expenditure by the Town. Town Council then directs that the funds as set out in the budget to be appropriated and set aside to the appropriate fund structure, and authorizes the Town Manager to expend the funds in accordance with said budget and in accordance with prior appropriations. 

Funding Requests

During the annual budget process, agencies may fill out an application for community agency funding for the upcoming budget cycle. All requests must be received by the Finance Department by close of business on the last working day in December, annually. (For example, December 29th is the deadline for funding effective July 1, 2024.) A copy of the application is available below. Completed forms may be emailed to or mailed to:

Town of Bedford
Attn: Finance Department
215 E. Main Street
Bedford, VA 24523

Budget Documents

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